Accountant and legal services

Basic package of accountant and legal services:

→ Firm opening activities, which means a series of activities in interaction with state authorities with the aim to enable newly founded company to start working successfully.

→ Status changes in the firm, which represent recording of changes in ownership structure, in sum of equity etc.

→ Closing of the company, which comprises a whole complex of acitvities in relation to termination of operations of a company.


→ Registration / deregistration of employees, which means registering of new employees and deregistration of employees within the timeframe in accordance to the laws and regulations of Republic of Serbia.

→ Interaction with pension and insurance funds, which means cooperation with these funds and help in resolving eventual conflict situations that may appear between our clients and funds.

→ Preparation of various forms and applications, which means preparation  of applications anf forms and filling in the data as well as processing such applications and forms towards our clients and state authorities.

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